Oscar Party Planning Tips

An Oscar Night party is my favorite event to plan! It is a night of glitz, glam and celebrities, and it is a show I have loved to watch since I was a little girl. I have never missed the Oscars!

I thought I would share a few ideas so that you, too, can throw a memorable evening in honor of Oscar!

  1. Invitations - There is an abundance of ideas for Oscar Party invites out there and whether you are sending them electronically or are having them professionally printed to be mailed, the design and content of the invitation is very important and sets the tone for your party. Your invite should exude excitement! The details of the evening as well as the dress code are essential. Determine if it is a casual, formal or somewhere in between kind of party. I strongly suggest that you schedule the start time of the evening well ahead of Oscar air time so that you and your guests have time to mingle and munch before settling in.

2. Decor - Oscar-themed decor is plentiful online and in your local party stores. Oscar colors are typically golds, reds and black, but do what you desire and create what feels right for you! I love the effect of a red carpet entry, cardboard standups, Oscar statuettes, movie photos, floral centerpieces and more. Your tablescape sets the tone for the evening and makes your guests feel special. Have fun decorating with lots of bling and glam accents. Your friends will love it!

3. Menu - Whether you are hosting a potluck dinner, seated dinner, or serving up heavy hors d’oeuvres, there are many great recipe ideas online to help you plan your menu. I always serve a specialty cocktail to kick off the evening. Because of my love for entertaining, I collect recipes of all my favorite appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and entrees. Presentation is everything here and decorative signage for your menu items is a great touch. After dinner, about 20 minutes before the show begins, we move to the viewing area where guests can settle in. I love to set up a concession stand offering a wide variety of gourmet popcorn in decorative glassware and favorite movie theater candy fare. Cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies in the Oscar theme really add to this festive occasion and become part of your decor. They are always a huge hit and they look beautiful too!

4. Oscar Activities - Involve your guests in some Oscar-themed games where they get to show off their skill and knowledge. The Oscar ballot contest and Oscar Bingo are very popular activities and can be found on various online sites and are printable. Be sure these games are the 2019 versions. Ballots are distributed before the show airs and your guests select who they believe will be the award winners. Whomever has the most correct answers at the end of the evening wins! Oscar Bingo serves up some situations that may occur during the course of the evening. Close attention to the show is necessary for this game. As each situation occurs, your guests check off their sheet and the first to get Bingo wins. Prizes to the winners for both games are always a nice touch. Watch how the competition heats up!

5. Parting Gifts - To top the evening off, and it will be a long one, thank your guests for coming by presenting them with something memorable in blingy party bags or wrappings in your evening’s color theme. After a night like this, your guests will surely be hoping for an invitation to next years Oscar night!